Welcome to Restless Deep! This is a site dedicated to fantasy stories in an original setting.

This isn’t your typical fantasy setting, where some great evil threatens the remnants of a once-great empire. Instead, the stories start in the “prehistory” of the world and advance over time. You will see generations pass, empires rise and fall, and magic ebb and flow over time. You’ll see the inhabitants of the world grow from primitive tribes to great civilizations. You’ll witness the lives of various people, from the great to the small, and see how the all fit together in the larger tapestry of life.

If you’re new here, you might check out current stories from the Second Age which is a single story arc following a wizard and his apprentice. If you want to read all the stories from the beginning, visit the Stories section (or use the link above) to go to a chronological listing of stories. You can read the stories in order by clicking on the links at the bottom of the story. The About section is where you can find out some more about the setting and the site that you might not find in the stories themselves.

If you’re a returning visitor, check the newest stories on the left. Or, feel free to dive into the stories and read what interests you. Leave some comment or criticisms on each story, or head to the Feedback page to comment about the site in general.

Enjoy your stay in my little (but growing!) world.

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