What is Restless Deep?

Restless Deep is a writing project containing short stories in an original fantasy setting. The goal is to primarily write stories that can be read in few minutes during a break in the day. Think of the stories as the literary equivalent of a webcomic, where you can enjoy a brief story during a coffee break at work.

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The setting of Restless Deep.
The races of Restless Deep.
The author, Brian ‘Psychochild’ Green.

What are your plans for this site and for the setting?

Note: this information is subject to change at my whim.

I’ll post stories as I write them. As I get more comfortable and hit my stride with part of the setting, I might write more stories more often. Of course, dreaded writer’s block is always lurking around the corner, as well as day job responsibilities and the occasional time off for good behavior.

The stories will start in the First Age, then move on to other ages as I have more stories to tell. I may visit a previous age if a good story inspires me. Currently, I expect to spend a few more months telling stories in the First Age.

I’d like to make money from this site somehow. Initially it will be ads, but eventually I might add some premium content such as early access to special stories, other media (desktops, etc), or even things like special events. It depends on if I can follow through with my plans and how the audience reacts to my work.

Will I make a game based on this setting? I’m not sure. I probably would if given the opportunity, but these stories may not fit into a game world. If a game does eventually get made that uses this setting, then these stories may or may not be canon for that world.

Who did the incredible art for the First Age?

My wonderful significant other, Kathleen Foley, did the pictures that accompany some of the First Age stories. You can see her professional art at Faefire Art & Design, or some of her other fine art at Skymare.com.

About the site

This site is the second incarnation of Restless Deep. The original site used Drupal to present the stories, but I lost the site when my previous host had a corrupted database and didn’t have backups. With the ease of WordPress 3.0 allowing multiple sites on a single installation, I figured WordPress was a better option. Most of the stories are actually posts but without the date presented on the post. I used pages and a table of contents template to collect the stories on the various pages.

Initially I will be reposting stories that appeared on the original site, perhaps with some edits and updates to improve them and make them fit together better. Obviously they didn’t set the world on fire the first time through. :)

The current WordPress theme is based on the Kinyonga theme by Oleksandr Smolyanov.

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