Properly, we should talk about the species of sentient creatures that inhabit the world, but convention is to call them “races”.

  • Humans are what you find in just about every fantasy story. They’re similar to humans you would find in Earth’s history. Humans have basic technology for survival.
  • The Korodan are creatures born from stone and earth. They are the newest race to gain sentience in the world. They have almost no technology.
  • The Lelra are nature spirits given humanoid form. They were one of the first races to gain sentience, and have more knowledge about how the world works than others do. Their technology is a bit more advanced.
  • Weres are animals who have developed beyond mere beasts. They gather together, usually despite the differences between them.
  • The Green Ones are a brutal race. They relish violence and chaos, even amongst themselves. They breed fast, but are a threat to most other races.

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