Humans are what you find in just about every fantasy story. They’re similar to humans you would find in Earth’s history.

The First Age

In the First Age, Humans are still primitive with an average life expectancy of about 45 years. They are mostly organized into strong, insular clans that are just beginning to settle into certain areas. They’re still somewhat nomadic, moving to locations where food is easier to find if their current location . A group is essentially an extended family, with very basic leadership hierarchy based on family relationships: the older members instruct and direct younger ones. Otherwise, there is mostly a sense of equality: men and women can hunt, raise children, or lead others as they are able. However, children are cherished so many women focus on raising and caring for their sons and daughters.

Humans have rudimentary language, generally using few words when talking. Languages are unique to each group because there is very little communication with other groups of Humans. The primary concern is to care for your immediate group, and outsiders can put a strain on food availability. When two groups meet they usually try to scare each other away from claimed territory. Humans are even more wary out other races, not understanding them at all.

The stories in the First Age focus on a tribe of Humans living by the Restless Sea. They are a somewhat nomadic tribe that has settled into a cave on a cliff above the sea. A band of hunters go on trips to collect meat, while others in the tribe gather plants or fish. The sea has been bountiful for the group, so they are likely to stay here for a long time.

Stories with Humans:

Hunters Return
The New Hunter
Bad Dreams
Distant Strangers
Respite from the Darkness
Lost in the Rocks
The Broken One
Bright Wishes
Exacting Revenge
Born of Flames
The Rebirth Festival
Order from Raw Chaos
A Grand Farewell
The Last Wizard in the Village
A Generous Master
A Wicked Blaze
The Demanding Elder
The Rushing Torrent
A Dark Matron
A Restless Tribe
A Fellow Traveler
The Great Groves
Guarded Wizards
No Worse Than Usual
A Real Wizard
Wisp of a Man
An Expression of Sheer Joy
Pained Regret
My Dark Despair
Always Made Me Proud
A Certain Kinship
A Touch of Longing for Home
Lightning Eater
That Same Power
A Beautiful Soul
He is Not Forgotten
You Have Changed

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