The Korodan are creatures born from stone and earth. Uncontrolled magic gave them life originally, and they continue to use that magic to improve themselves. Korodan can be thought of as similar to Dwarves found in other settings.

The First Age

Korodan are the newest race to gain sentience in the world, as magic infuses life into pockets of rocks. They look like piles of rocks to most casual observers, and even while moving they don’t look like creatures as most would recognize them. As the different Korodan meet each other, they tend to stick together if for no other reason than then novelty of seeing another creature like themselves.

The are very simple, without even a real language. They use sounds to indicate moods and to point out things to each other. Most other races might not even understand the sounds as communication. Physically they are also simplistic, without distinctions between males and females. Their stone constitution means that they are incredibly hardy, able to take a lot of abuse, survive in harsh conditions, and don’t really need a lot of food. But, they have no definite lifespan, and could live for hundreds of years or more. In general, they prefer dark areas, but they have an insatiable curiosity and want to wander around and learn more.

The Korodan are slowly changing and evolving, but it’s more of a conscious process than with other races. Their stone bodies give them a lot of malleability to choose how they want to be formed. For example, they can extend appendages and even form digits should it suit them.

The stories in the First Age center on a group of Korodan who all came to life in the same area. They are the first of their kind, learning about the world around them. They don’t even have names, but they are known by their notable attributes, such as “the old one” or “the hungry one”.

Stories with the Korodan:

Finding Home
Sacred Stones
Lost in the Rocks
The Broken One
The Other Animals
New Friends
The Defense
The Great Groves
An Expression of Sheer Joy
Pained Regret
My Dark Despair
Always Made Me Proud
A Certain Kinship
A Touch of Longing for Home
Lightning Eater
You Have Changed

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