The Lelra are nature spirits given humanoid form. They were one of the first races to gain sentience, and have more knowledge about how the world works than others do. They can be thought of as similar to Elves in other settings.

The First Age

Lelra are one of the more advanced groups in the First Age. As nature spirits, they had been part of the world for much longer than the other races. They had watched as the primates that would one day become the Humans started forming tribes and cooperating. Using their inborn magic, they took humanoid form to live properly in the world instead of being restrained to the spirit world. Taking physical form put pressures on the nature spirits: their lives are now bound to physical flesh, most Lelra pass on after about 70 years. But, their origin as nature spirits gives them a sense of wildness and revelry.

Physically, they are wiry and fast, built for speed. The groups are mostly plains runners and hunters, moving around to where they feel they are needed. Most Lelra are part of a a small group that follow some need, such as mapping out territory or hunting down dangerous enemies. They are one of the few races that will meet up with other groups, although not every group is friendly.

The Lelra are the most advanced in terms of organization and civilization. They have a relatively complex spoken language which is shared between different groups. Most groups are organized under a matriarch who has the final authority on a group. Group members are free to leave to join other groups they meet. They also have unusual rituals and beliefs, which originate from their past as nature spirits. They understand a bit more about magic in the world, although they cannot harness it for their own use. For example, they have very specific rituals for the death of fellow Lelra that have been passed down for generations.

The stories in the first age follow a group called The Sanctifiers. They search out “sacred places” where the bodies of fallen Lelra can be put to rest. They interact with many other groups of Lelra that each have their own mission to follow, and may not necessarily respect the work of The Sanctifiers.

Stories with the Lelra:

A Meeting of Tribes
Protecting the Pack
Seeing the Children
The Sacred Places
Familiy History
Sacred Stones
Spout of New Life
Broken Spears
Moving On
A Dark Matron
A Restless Tribe
A Beautiful Soul

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