Weres are animals who have developed beyond mere beasts. They are not a unified race, although they gather together despite the differences between them.

The First Age

Weres evolved from the beasts of the area, changed by wild magic to become more humanoid. They’re still partially feral beasts without much organization. They tend to stick together in packs for safety in numbers, although not every Were gets along with everyone else in a pack.

Some have tried to master spoken languages to reduce misunderstandings between different species of Weres, such as between canine and feline groups. Weres of the same species tend to rely more on body language and visual or olfactory cues than spoken words. This leads to certain amounts of distrust between groups in a pack that cannot understand each other, especially toward outsiders. Even with a spoken language, naming tends to focus on physical attributes or position in a hierarchy.

In the stories, the main group is made up of a group of felines and a group of canines and one other mysterious type. The lead feline is respected by most in the pack. The pack is nomadic, mostly trying to survive by finding food and avoiding enemies.

Stories with Weres:

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Help’s Welcome
Surviving an Onslaught
The Passing of the Old One
The Other Animals
New Friends
The Defense
Lightning Eater

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