The Author

Who am I?

My day job is as an independent game developer. I’m best known for my work in online games, particularly the classic online game Meridian 59. I maintain a professional blog covering aspects of game development, including programming, design, and writing.

I’ve always enjoyed writing as a hobby. I’ve posted a few of my short stories on my professional blog. This project is something larger than I would feel comfortable putting on my blog.

As a note, I’m not an anthropologist, so I expect that I won’t get everything right. However, I’ve tried to do research to make sure things make sense. The big problem is that magic can make things weird.

My writing philosophies

Any sort of creative work takes a bit of ego to present to an audience. The creator is saying, “Yes, my work is worth your time.” I like to think that’s true in this case. But, this is my first big writing project. I tend to have a very wordy style, so writing brief stories is a challenge for me. I hope to improve my writing with this type of project. I expect the initial stories will be a bit rough and contain some problems. As I get more comfortable and hit my stride, I expect that the stories will get better.

One major goal is to make the stories easy to read. For example, in the First Age I want to make it seem primitive, but want to keep it readable. So, the language might seem a lot more advanced than the grunts that we usually associate with “cavemen” levels of advancement. However, I think it makes for a better story because it is easier to read.

I also want to make the stories the focus here, not the details. You won’t find a lot of wordy explanations about how things work in the world or scientific justifications. I don’t want to get bogged down with a lot of details. Of course, this means that you, as the reader, have to pay a bit more attention. I’m not going to explain in a story that the Korodan are rock given life through magic, but you should be able to pick up that information by reading through the stories.

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