The two felines were crouched down, staring at each other. Fangs bared his teeth and made a feint; Leader overreacted and rolled to the side, avoiding that attack he thought he saw coming. Standing tall on his hind legs, Fangs gloated in making Leader show weakness.

“You no leader! So weak!” Fangs growled, looking down.

Leader stared the other in the eye, fighting back any doubt lingering in his mind. “You fool, Fangs! We need wolfen ones and they need us.”

“They grow stronger and you look away. Coward!”

Fangs jumped forward and tackled Leader. Twisting his body and aiming a kick, Leader pushed the other to the side then rolled back to a standing position.

To either side, the mates were watching. Leader’s mates sat close to each other and guarded their children. They had confidence in their mate, but Fangs may try something desperate and attack the cubs. Fang’s mate sat quietly, not looking at the fight. She was always quiet when challenges happened.

The two males stared at each other, trying to stand taller to look down at the other. Fang’s stature let him stand a bit taller than Leader, but Leader didn’t crouch into a defensive posture. He maintained his fierce gaze into his opponent’s eyes.

“You afraid of green ones! You let cubs starve!” Fangs spat down at Leader.

“Cubs not dead,” Leader growled, his voice low and menacing at Fangs. “Your cubs, my cubs all healthy.”

Leader dropped his shoulder and rushed at Fangs as he was opening his mouth to reply. The attack caught him off guard and he was sprawled the ground.

The wolfen ones were standing in a pack, watching from a distance. They were usually surprised when Fangs would try to challenge Leader, seemingly for no reason. As a whole, they supported Leader and saw no reason to challenge him since he had been keeping the pack safe.

“What happen?” Help ask the others.

“Beta cat fight for position,” Scar said indifferently, used to the constant fights.

“Why disrupt order? Leader is strong.”

Scar just shrugged, then got up to move toward the fight.

Fangs got back on his feet and gave a savage yell. Leader’s eyes remained locked on Fangs, not even blinking during the yell.

“Give up! You cannot lead,” Fangs yelled as his eyes narrowed, staring at his opponent. Leader returned Fangs’ gaze, ready to attack at any moment.

It was the series of short barks from behind Leader that made Fangs look away. As his eyes widened, he saw a majority of the wolfen ones sitting patiently in a line, all looking directly at him. When Fangs looked back at Leader, he saw the look of supreme confidence.

Fangs dropped down to all fours and looked up at Leader. With a scoff, he walked over to his mate. She stood up and prodded the little ones away from the scene.

Leader’s mates walked by and gave him a quick nod of support, then went off to feed the cubs.

“Everything good?” Hunter asked as he walked toward Leader.

“Yes, still strong,” Leader said in low tones that hid his shaking voice. “Fangs makes sure I still strong.”

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