The fast one was the first one to move from his position overlooking the cave below. The group had been watching the strange creatures down near the sea for several days now, and a few of their group had come back with dead animals. The fast one had moved to get a better look at the scene below.

The creatures seemed to move around a lot more now that the others had returned. They had the bright, hot fire burning well into the night, which made them much easier to see as they moved around. At one point the small creatures below started making a new noise, pleasant and kind of like listening to the sea with a certain rhythm and flow.

The old one made a pleased noise. The small one echoed the soft noise immediately, as usual, and the rest followed suit. They carefully backed away from the edge as to not attract attention and found a group of nearby boulders to rest against.

The next morning, the fast one was the first to start moving. He looked around to make sure there were no threats nearby and went off to explore a bit. Far away, near the far edge of the sea, there seemed to be a rock outcropping that looked promising. As the others started to move around, the fast one circled around them and then lead them toward the outcropping.

The sun was high in the sky as they approached their destination. As they turned the corner, they saw a bunch of the violent green creatures. One of them turned and bared its teeth, waving its claws in front of it in an aggressive posture. The hard one advanced on it, making a low, rumbling noise to warn the creature away. It swiped its claws but they did little damage to the hard one’s rocky body. He started to push the green ones away forcefully, and eventually they took the hint and left the area. After getting a short distance away, the biggest green one turned and yelled harshly at the small group, then ran off into the distance.

The fast one moved to the outcropping and made the questioning noise. The old one approached and looked around. After a bit, he made the negative sound; the rock would not be good to create a hole to live in as the other strange creatures had done. The small one made the disappointed sound as the group continued along the coastline.

After a bit, the hungry one stopped the group to try to find something to eat. There was very little soil here, only sand that did not taste very good. The hungry one found a piece of wood to satisfy his hunger while the rest nibbled on nearby things. The water did not taste the same as the other water they had enjoyed before, but it helped cool their bodies down a bit. After everyone was done eating, or trying to eat, the group moved on.

The darkness came again. The old one wished he could make the warm, bright fire like the other creatures did; it gave him a comforting feeling to remember it. The group found some rocks to rest between until the light came again.

The small one was the first to start moving in the light of the next day, but he froze when he saw one of the large animal creatures prowling around. The prowler seemed interested in the group’s location. The small one made the alarmed noise and got the attention the rest of the group. They stood motionless, hiding between the rocks while keeping an eye on the furred one. It got close to the small one and the hard one was ready to make a move, but the old one made the negative sound to stop the conflict. This sound startled the creature, causing it to retreat a distance, look worriedly at the group, then run off away from the sea. The group got together and continued to travel along the coast.

Four more days passed uneventfully until the group found another promising outcropping, this time noticed by the hard one. The group approached carefully, looking for any dangers in the area. After searching around a bit, the old one made a positive sound, and the whole group joined in. They had found the site of their current home. Now, they had to form the cave they would live in.

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