It was the fast one who became restless first, as usual.

The group had spent many days digging out the rock to form a small cave. It wasn’t large, but it suited them well enough. They slept quite a bit and listened to the sea. The hungry one even went into the waters to look for new types of food and found some strange, shimmering creatures there. The fast one was the only one that dared to follow even part way, the rest decided to stay away from the large body of water with seemingly no end.

The fast one was moving around the cave, back and forth in a show of restless energy. When the others were finally getting up and around, the fast one made the beckoning sound and moved toward the cave. The small one moved eagerly to follow. The hard one also lumbered toward the cave entrance, leaving the last two in a quandary. They really didn’t feel the need to get up and go, but the group had never been separated before. In the end, the hungry one decided it was time to eat and the old one followed in order not to be left alone.

The fast one was pleased at being able to lead the others for once. The old one was a good leader, but it was time for a change. The group traveled away from the sea, toward the tall mountains where they had found each other. It was the fast one that had found them back then, gathering them together and forming the group. Since then, the group had always been together.

They had been traveling for a while when they stopped near a stream. The hungry one made a noise and went off in search of something new to eat. The old one sat still, concentrating on the sound of the stream as it ran over some rocks. The low water made little noise, and the old one thought about how the water sounded different than the sea. The others wandered around, taking in the sights of the area and finding things to taste.

It was the small one that noticed the spots on the horizon first. He made the warning sound and the others stopped what they were doing to look around. They all watched the fast approaching creatures. When the creatures got closer, the group sat down and hunched over, disguising themselves like the rocks in the area. They kept careful attention on the strangers, and watched quietly as they ran near then stopped. Members of the other group were putting down items they had been carrying.

They were tall and thin, and most of them had long pieces of wood tipped with stone. One was leaning against a tree when another approached. They made a series of sounds to each other, similar to the way the group communicated, but with more variation. Others drank from the stream and made quiet noises as well. After a short while, the group picked up their items and started running off in the same direction they were heading before.

When the last one left toward the distant horizon, the fast one stood up and looked after them. The fast one made the beckoning sound again. The group started to follow, moving in the direction the strangers had run, if not quite as their rapid pace. The sounds had interested the fast one, and he wanted to know more.

It was late at night when they saw the other group again. They had set up animal hides over wooden poles and had built small fires. The old one quietly made the pleased noise when he saw the bright fires. The others echoed the noise, and they settled in for the night, watching as the tall ones went about their nightly chores before settling down to sleep. The group decided rest as well.

The morning came before any of the group decided to stir. The others had already taken their items left the area early. The group went over to look at the place they had stayed. They noticed that small piles of fresh dirt covered many areas, including where the fires had been. They found other signs as they looked around the area.

It was the old one that first noticed the pile of stones nearby. He made the beckoning sound to draw everyone over. Everyone stopped and looked at pile; as quiet descended on the group, they felt the one thing they had all shared but never felt since….

They felt the force that had given them life all around the area.

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