First Age

The First Age of Restless Deep will be called the “Age of Awakening” by future scholars. It’s the time when the races start to form civilizations instead of just being splintered groups. It is also the dawn of the taming of magic in the world; magic has always been in the world, but now the different races are starting to learn to harness it, sometimes in rather destructive ways.

This age is similar to the Prehistoric Age of our world. Most people are organized into small tribes. Most groups are nomadic, moving from location to location in order to find better sources of food and shelter. Some of the races, such as the Lelra, are more organized and even have format methods of communicating between groups. Other groups, such as the Korodan, are still new to the world and trying to figure their place out within the world.

The stories of this age are mostly vignettes, little glimpses into the lives of the different races. There is no epic story quite yet because the different groups aren’t up to anything. Yet. But, the foundation is being laid for grand stories to take place in the future.

Looking through the eyes of the characters, we will see that the world is new, and the people are awakening and thinking for themselves. Life isn’t just a harsh struggle, but something to be savored. Not to say life is always easy, but it’s not just a brutal existence for most.

Stories set in the First Age:

Hunters Return
A Meeting of Tribes
Protecting the Pack
Finding Home
Seeing the Children
The Sacred Places
Familiy History
Help’s Welcome
The New Hunter
Sacred Stones
Spout of New Life
Bad Dreams
Distant Strangers
Surviving an Onslaught
The Passing of the Old One
Respite from the Darkness
Lost in the Rocks
The Broken One
Broken Spears
The Other Animals
New Friends
Bright Wishes
The Defense
Moving On
Exacting Revenge

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