Second Age

The Second Age of Restless Deep is the “Age of Tribes”. As the name implies, the tribes are the dynamic force in this age. Humans mostly stop being nomadic and settle down into small villages. The Lelra have taken to the forests and gotten back in touch with their nature spirit heritage. The Korodan have become organized and have… changed.

This age is similar to the Stone Age of our world. Technology becomes important beyond providing very basic shelter and food. Groups gather into larger groups for protection and organized manpower. However, magic is a dominant force in the world; to the humans, it is merely another technology to master.

The stories of this age focus on the journey of Dorua, and assistant to the master wizard Mhorik. We follow their journey to the convocation of wizards. For Dorua, the journey proves to be her first real test of the powers she’s learning. We’ll see her grow and over time accept her role as a wizard.

Stories set in the Second Age:

Born of Flames
The Rebirth Festival
Order from Raw Chaos
A Grand Farewell
The Last Wizard in the Village
A Generous Master
A Wicked Blaze
The Demanding Elder
The Rushing Torrent
A Dark Matron
A Restless Tribe
A Fellow Traveler
The Great Groves
Guarded Wizards
No Worse Than Usual
A Real Wizard
Wisp of a Man
An Expression of Sheer Joy
Pained Regret
My Dark Despair
Always Made Me Proud
A Certain Kinship
A Touch of Longing for Home
Lightning Eater
That Same Power
A Beautiful Soul
He is Not Forgotten
You Have Changed

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